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I know last minute... :) -- Stuff going on tonight in SF

I plan to be in San Francisco tonight -- multiple events actually --

Writers with Drinks at the Make-Out Room...I will be there -- I've enclosed the information about the event within a LJ cut.  I will be meeting up with a friend before the event (have no idea where yet)

 It's at the Make-Out room in the Mission District -- 2nd Saturday of every month.  Mostly queer authors & performance artists -- if you want to know more about it -- here's their website --

Also -- charliegrrrl  the hostess of WWD has x-posted information on the event across different San Francisco communities in LiveJournal (not this one) -- here's one of the listings:

There's a Girls Love Fun event -- if you're interested in joining --

 This is at Club Eight off Folsom -- 1151 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA.  Some of the gals will be meeting at Mr. Smiths before 9 o'clock -- I probably won't be one of them since I'll be at WWD until 9 pm.

Please send me an email if you're thinking about going!! -- and I'll give you my cell phone # and all that stuff.

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