swetypye5 (swetypye5) wrote in bayareabigirls,

Anyone out there?

So Im new to this whole Bi thing...

I just recently came out, to a select few, and I would like to act on it.

Im looking for a woman to share my bed with my boyfriend and I. I've never done anything like this before, but I would like to try it.

I have some ground rules in mind that I would like to have set up before anyting is done. I dont want anyone touching my boyfriend. Call me selfish, or whatever you like, but I want it to be about me. If I'm comftorble after that point, then maybe more. But at the moment, she is to only touch me and play with me.

We can host at our house, drugs, and alcohol are welcome. I can supply whatever is needed. I live in Sonoma...

Please reply to this or email me at swetypye33@yahoo.com
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