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About me!.. :)

Name: Carrie
Age: 37
Relationship status: partnered w/gf for 8 yrs - semi monogamous
Bay Area Location: Far out in the East Bay - Walnut Creek baby!
Favourite Colour: fushia or purple - can't decide which -- black always rules
Favourite Band/Musician: Alanis Morrisette, most alternative rock I like too
Favourite Book: MY all time favorite since the age of 4 -- Peter Pan (not the disney version) otherwise most steven king books will do.
Favourite Movie: Citizen Kane
What do you do for fun?: socializing with friends - grabbing a beer or two - maybe dance a little, I tend to like semi geekish people...

One thing you like in a woman: Really intelligent nerdy women that can outgeek me
One thing you like in a man: men that like other men, and I mean like them A LOT.. :-)
Which gender are you more attracted to?: Women definitely

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Carrie's Picture

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