biggestsmall (biggestsmall) wrote in bayareabigirls,

An introduction...

Name: Andrina
Age: 23
Relationship status: In a relationship w/ my boyfriend for over 3 years, open to relationship w/ bi woman
Bay Area Location: Jump in between Novato and Hercules
Favourite Colour: either burgundy or forest green
Favourite Band/Musician: Lighthouse Family
Favourite Book: Harry Potter series
Favourite Movie: Hoodwinked
What do you do for fun?: hang out with friends, computers, and other geeky stuff
One thing you like in a woman: they definitely know how to touch you
One thing you like in a man: I like gay men too! but I like how they smell. not all of them, just some.
Which gender are you more attracted to?: sexually/physically, a woman. mentally, a man.

Ugh, LJ is being strange and not letting me post a photo. :(
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