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Bay Area Bi Ladies
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Friday, August 1st, 2008
5:15 pm
Come join the conversation on "A Safe Haven For GBLTSA" Forums!
Come join the conversation on "A Safe Haven For GBLTSA" Forums!

GBLTSA Safe Haven is a support group and online hang out for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Bi-Curious, Asexual, Transgender, Transexual, and GBLTSA supporters/ friends/ family members to meet, socialize, and support each other in our endeavor to makle this world a more friendly and loving place for everyone, reguardless of their gender/ sexual preference.

It is COMPLETLY FREE to join, and participate in our online family!





Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
9:18 pm
An introduction...
Name: Andrina
Age: 23
Relationship status: In a relationship w/ my boyfriend for over 3 years, open to relationship w/ bi woman
Bay Area Location: Jump in between Novato and Hercules
Favourite Colour: either burgundy or forest green
Favourite Band/Musician: Lighthouse Family
Favourite Book: Harry Potter series
Favourite Movie: Hoodwinked
What do you do for fun?: hang out with friends, computers, and other geeky stuff
One thing you like in a woman: they definitely know how to touch you
One thing you like in a man: I like gay men too! but I like how they smell. not all of them, just some.
Which gender are you more attracted to?: sexually/physically, a woman. mentally, a man.

Ugh, LJ is being strange and not letting me post a photo. :(
Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
5:43 am
Bang4theBuck Party in SF April 25th
Hello gals...reclusive co-moderator here... :)

I just wanted to put it out there -- but Bang4theBuck's happening on Friday April 25th.

Well it's that time of the year ago - Bang4theBuck party's ON!! It's a womyn's fundraiser/charity event AND PLAY party on Friday April 25...Well it's actually two events -first one is an amateur strip-o-rama (best part about the entire thing) any volunteers that want to strip for charity and they give you free stripping lessons. What's great about it?? Well it's either really REALLY REALLY good or really bad, but for a good cause all proceeds go to AIDS/LifeCycle 7. They also raffle off great prizes, and the place GETS packed with 200 women!!!   The Second event is the Play party.

For more information please check out their website -


I plan to go with  a couple of gal friends of mine - I'm not organizing a "munch" for this event - but we may go out to dinner at that Chinese restaurant that's a couple of blocks from the Citadel -- if there's interest...let me know.. (comment) and we'll exchange contact information.

If you see me there -- say hi.. :)

Friday, November 23rd, 2007
9:30 pm
I want a woman
I really want a woman to fuck while my boyfriend fucks me. But I cant find one.

How can I find one? Just go to a bar and ask? That doesnt work... Does it?

But I dont want her to touch him, I just want her to pleasure me. Is that so bad? Is that why I havent received any responses? But most the woman I have talked to, well the lesbians and not striaght women, just want to play with me anyway. So it cant be that I want her to pleasre only me...

I really want to do this. I want to touch a woman, feel her skin, caress her breats, all the while he is doing the same to me.

Current Mood: drunk
Monday, November 19th, 2007
6:06 pm
About me!.. :)
Name: Carrie
Age: 37
Relationship status: partnered w/gf for 8 yrs - semi monogamous
Bay Area Location: Far out in the East Bay - Walnut Creek baby!
Favourite Colour: fushia or purple - can't decide which -- black always rules
Favourite Band/Musician: Alanis Morrisette, most alternative rock I like too
Favourite Book: MY all time favorite since the age of 4 -- Peter Pan (not the disney version) otherwise most steven king books will do.
Favourite Movie: Citizen Kane
What do you do for fun?: socializing with friends - grabbing a beer or two - maybe dance a little, I tend to like semi geekish people...

One thing you like in a woman: Really intelligent nerdy women that can outgeek me
One thing you like in a man: men that like other men, and I mean like them A LOT.. :-)
Which gender are you more attracted to?: Women definitely

Add a picture behind a cut!

Carrie's Picture

Let me know if you're not able to get to the picture...
Friday, November 16th, 2007
6:35 pm
Name: Amelia
Age: 23
Relationship status: single
Bay Area Location: Daly City
Favourite Colour: Pink, Red, Black
Favourite Band/Musician: The Who, Hilary Duff, Indigo Girls
Favourite Book: Stranger in a Strangeland, Anna Karenina, Mists of Avalon, Ender's Game, Mrs. Dalloway
Favourite Movie: Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
What do you do for fun?: Knit, volunteer at the zoo

One thing you like in a woman: girliness
One thing you like in a man: nerdiness
Which gender are you more attracted to?: Physically: female, emotionally: men.

4:48 pm
My Intro
Name: Leah
Age: 21
Relationship status: Taken
Bay Area Location: Sonoma
Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Band/Musician: Static-X, Deftones, and Led Zeppelin
Favourite Book: Hmm... Shattering Glass
Favourite Movie: Ever After, Original Sin, and A Walk to Remember
What do you do for fun?: Go to the local bar here in town and drink with friends. I do yoga to help my stress and smoke bug for pain. ;)

One thing you like in a woman: Honestly, her body, and big boobs. I've never really had a relationship with a woman. But I love looking at a woman's body. I would consdifer myself a man in that aspect...
One thing you like in a man: His personality
Which gender are you more attracted to?: Male

Current Mood: busy
3:44 pm
Intro Post: Genkitty
Name: Genell Jordan
Age: 30
Relationship status: Two male partners, one of which is my legal spouse
Bay Area Location: Campbell
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Band/Musician: Alabama / Chicago / Sondheim (sp?)
Favourite Book: TOO MANY TO LIST
Favourite Movie: Pretty Woman / Into The Woods
What do you do for fun?: Read, play board games, drive

One thing you like in a woman: Gentleness
One thing you like in a man: Gentleness
Which gender are you more attracted to?: 50-50 split

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Current Mood: hungry
1:03 pm
Anyone out there?
So Im new to this whole Bi thing...

I just recently came out, to a select few, and I would like to act on it.

Im looking for a woman to share my bed with my boyfriend and I. I've never done anything like this before, but I would like to try it.

I have some ground rules in mind that I would like to have set up before anyting is done. I dont want anyone touching my boyfriend. Call me selfish, or whatever you like, but I want it to be about me. If I'm comftorble after that point, then maybe more. But at the moment, she is to only touch me and play with me.

We can host at our house, drugs, and alcohol are welcome. I can supply whatever is needed. I live in Sonoma...

Please reply to this or email me at swetypye33@yahoo.com
2:46 am
Name:Mary Ellen
Age: 25
Relationship status: single :)
Bay Area Location: San Bruno
Favourite Colour: it changes a lot.
Favourite Band/Musician: The Lovemakers
Favourite Book: the kushiel trilogy
Favourite Movie: hedwig and the angry inch
What do you do for fun?: decorate my house, cook/bake, go out for a beer with friends, etc.

One thing you like in a woman: cuddly-ness
One thing you like in a man: sense of humor
Which gender are you more attracted to?: women, about 80%

2 picsCollapse )
12:21 am
Me again...
So, in order to get this community hopping, I am going to give you all a little project. You have a week to introduce (reintroduce, for those of you regulars) yourself in a post.

What I'd like from you is:

Relationship status:
Bay Area Location:
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Band/Musician:
Favourite Book:
Favourite Movie:
What do you do for fun?:

One thing you like in a woman:
One thing you like in a man:
Which gender are you more attracted to?:

Add a picture behind a cut!

And, if there is anything else you'd love to share with us, please feel free.
12:10 am
Hi everyone!
It has been over a year since I have posted in this community. I know, horrible mod/maintainer behaviour. At least we have Carrie!

Anyway, one or two of you may know that I just got out of a relationship with a 29 year old boy (that's right, BOY, not man). So, I am ready to mingle with some people. I know Delicious is happening this Saturday, or that is the assumption I am under. Unfortunately, I have family friends from England coming to stay, and am a bit unsure of what the girl my age will think if I suggest we go to girl's night at The Cafe. Plus, I have to be at work early in the morning.

But, my plan is to go out and meet some girls, even if it is just to have fun. I'm not ready to settle down, really. If anyone knows of any other events [preferably involving loud music, beer, and a good time], feel free to post info here!

My email is: ellmchale@hotmail.com (add me to MSN messenger, if you want).
And, I have yahoo messenger: ellmchale

Get in touch!

And, feel free to promote the community.
I'd love more gals to join!
Friday, October 19th, 2007
3:27 pm
hello i'm new here just thought i'd pass along something for a friend. she works for a site and they're desperate for women-doesnt hurt to check it out and its one of the few dating sites that allow bi's and gays. sooo yah if nothing else its free heh

Saturday, September 8th, 2007
9:39 am
I know last minute... :) -- Stuff going on tonight in SF
I plan to be in San Francisco tonight -- multiple events actually --

Writers with Drinks at the Make-Out Room...I will be there -- I've enclosed the information about the event within a LJ cut.  I will be meeting up with a friend before the event (have no idea where yet)

7/7:30 PM until 9:30 - Writers with Drinks!Collapse )

There's a Girls Love Fun event -- if you're interested in joining -- 


After 9 PM - The W Club Collapse )

Please send me an email if you're thinking about going!! -- thecuteone@pobox.com and I'll give you my cell phone # and all that stuff.

Friday, August 31st, 2007
4:51 pm
Special Delicious going on Sunday night - Sept 2nd
Hiya Gals..I know this is really really last minute..Thought I'd let everyone know that there's a special Delicious going on This Sunday (yes I'll be there)...Delicious is promoted by Cream which is at the Cafe in the Castro District in San Francisco.

Here's two links with more info: http://www.creamsf.com/

About the event this Sunday (see flyer below)

Or go here:  http://creamsf.com/_wsn/page4.html

I'm going with a bunch of gals from a new group called Girls Love Fun...

Here's their link to their yahoo group -- please join if you're not already in it


Also -- feel free to comment or send me an IM if you'd like to meet up with me beforehand.. :)

EDIT: I will probably be there after 8 pm - if you have my number -- call me.  At 10 PM I'm going over to Harveys to meet up with some gals from the GLF group and will return to the Cafe after 10:30... Drink specials are only good from 8-10 PM!!!
Monday, August 27th, 2007
6:14 pm
Hi! Looking For Fellow Lesbians and Bi-Sexual Women!
Hi! How are you? Um, I read the community description and it doesn't say you can't advertise, so here goes:

Here are all my communities. We are always looking for new people to share info with, chat with, etc.

Read more...Collapse )

I also have a website for Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexual, etc. It's Called Safe Haven:
It's a place for people to chat about whatever they want and meet new people, without being judged.

AND, my PERSONAL website is:
Feel free to explore all the links on the left side of the page and leave me a comment. Tell me what you think of it!

The Safe Haven is ALSO on MySpace.com:

NOTE: X-Posted in
communities as well.
Friday, June 1st, 2007
10:08 am
Hello to everyone.. .:)
Hiya gals..

I just wanted to say hello to everyone...I'm not on Live Journal much...and certainly not lately..

I know that SF Pride's around the corner

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
4:47 pm
Having A Bi Brother
Is sometimes very strange. Ever since I came out to him he always tries to get my seal of approval on girls or guys he's interested in. In some ways, it's a nice way to bond since we don't have a whole lot else in common.

Meanwhile, I like that my boyfriend and I can both catch each other looking at the same girl and smile about it. It's nice to know that there's no jealousy there, no danger of losing each other because of a bit of curiosity and mutual aesthetic appreciation. Girls are cute. Heads will turn. It's just a truth of life.

Thursday, November 16th, 2006
3:26 am
Friends? Or ...?
Hey there fello bi-bay-gals. This is kind of an embarassing thing to post in a community, but, well I wanted to ask you for some feedback/advice on something. Here's my dilemna- I have a decent amount of friends. Maybe 20 or so? But here's the thing- I'd say that 90% of them are guys. Lately I've been wondering why that's the case. Is it easier for me to meet guys? Why? Then it occurred to me- it's probably my own timidity towards women. I'm bi pretty straight down the line, but I definitely find women more attractive than men. Maybe this is why, whenever I meet a girl, it's hard for me to talk to her. But then, why would this be the case if I'm only interested in friends? Maybe I'm approaching it the wrong way? But then what is the difference between hitting on someone and showing interest in being their friend? Aren't they both, in some way, a kind of come on? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
8:25 pm
Really want to meet other women for friends, dating, hopefully more if chemistry i s right :)
What I seek in other people is: I value other animal lovers, environmental activism/being organic, the need to save our planet. I value good judgment, creativity, intelligence and caring/giving people. Those who go out of their way to be affectionate and romantic, even years into a relationship! I've found it hard to find others like me in this world, as we seem to be very few and far away from each other. But the ones that I have found, I am usually best friends and soul mates with. Friends first is always a good thing, as I like to learn as much about a person as possible. I am attracted to all different kinds of people and race doesn't matter. Other things that are important in a mate are: good grammar/spelling, excellent health (general), hygiene and manners; a willingness to be interested in my hobbies and passions; sincerity, honesty, good communication skills, to be a very affectionate/sensual person when needed, just to name a few.

I have a ton of interests including: horses and riding, mostly Dressage and trail rides, spending time around horses and learning as much as I can about them, spending time with my kitty, spelunking, bat and cave conservation, swimming, sailing, the snow, the ocean, wildlife, the outdoors, hiking, camping, exploring, writing poetry, reading as many books at one time as possible; art - drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry making, design, web graphics, computer graphics; music - trance/psytrance, new age, alternative, classic rock, industrial and Goth, hardcore, electronica; dance festivals, psytrance parties and raves; campouts, festivals, art shows and galleries, museums, the beach, the mountains, computers, hacking, geeky activities like Defcon; animal activism, pet care, saving endangered species; movies, snuggling, food and cooking, wine tasting, driving fast on windy roads, learning to drive as best as possible, cars and car care; plants, flowers and gardening; collecting model horses; hot springs, hot tubs, skinny dipping; laughing, crying, hugging, holding, remembering, memories, meeting new people, seeing old friends, spending time with family; collecting rocks and gems; learning all the time and so much more!

I know I am very unique and my wish is to find as many people as possible who hold my same values, who do not judge, who have many of my same interests and hopefully with whom I can explore as friends and possibly more for a lifetime! I am 29 years old. I’m tall, about 6 feet or so, have medium length brown and red hair, brown eyes, I am white American, athletic build but curvy in the right places, lean, I eat well and exercise. I’m currently in Alameda, back where I grew up and I’m loving it! I have one younger brother and my parents are still together. I value friendships and family. I have one kitty, who is 3. I rescued him off the side of a highway.

If you want to know more, write me!! But if you email me a one-liner that doesn’t tell me anything about you, don’t expect a reply back. I will write volumes of emails back and forth to people, because I think it’s a great way to get to know someone. Your response will get you a picture or two so tell me about yourself: where you are from, where do you live now, your hobbies/interests/passions, what you do for a living, some of your dreams, do you have any pets, things you love to do in your spare time and anything else that is unique about you!

Whitney :) (infinite242@gmail.com)

Current Mood: cheerful
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