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Really want to meet other women for friends, dating, hopefully more if chemistry i s right :)

What I seek in other people is: I value other animal lovers, environmental activism/being organic, the need to save our planet. I value good judgment, creativity, intelligence and caring/giving people. Those who go out of their way to be affectionate and romantic, even years into a relationship! I've found it hard to find others like me in this world, as we seem to be very few and far away from each other. But the ones that I have found, I am usually best friends and soul mates with. Friends first is always a good thing, as I like to learn as much about a person as possible. I am attracted to all different kinds of people and race doesn't matter. Other things that are important in a mate are: good grammar/spelling, excellent health (general), hygiene and manners; a willingness to be interested in my hobbies and passions; sincerity, honesty, good communication skills, to be a very affectionate/sensual person when needed, just to name a few.

I have a ton of interests including: horses and riding, mostly Dressage and trail rides, spending time around horses and learning as much as I can about them, spending time with my kitty, spelunking, bat and cave conservation, swimming, sailing, the snow, the ocean, wildlife, the outdoors, hiking, camping, exploring, writing poetry, reading as many books at one time as possible; art - drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry making, design, web graphics, computer graphics; music - trance/psytrance, new age, alternative, classic rock, industrial and Goth, hardcore, electronica; dance festivals, psytrance parties and raves; campouts, festivals, art shows and galleries, museums, the beach, the mountains, computers, hacking, geeky activities like Defcon; animal activism, pet care, saving endangered species; movies, snuggling, food and cooking, wine tasting, driving fast on windy roads, learning to drive as best as possible, cars and car care; plants, flowers and gardening; collecting model horses; hot springs, hot tubs, skinny dipping; laughing, crying, hugging, holding, remembering, memories, meeting new people, seeing old friends, spending time with family; collecting rocks and gems; learning all the time and so much more!

I know I am very unique and my wish is to find as many people as possible who hold my same values, who do not judge, who have many of my same interests and hopefully with whom I can explore as friends and possibly more for a lifetime! I am 29 years old. I’m tall, about 6 feet or so, have medium length brown and red hair, brown eyes, I am white American, athletic build but curvy in the right places, lean, I eat well and exercise. I’m currently in Alameda, back where I grew up and I’m loving it! I have one younger brother and my parents are still together. I value friendships and family. I have one kitty, who is 3. I rescued him off the side of a highway.

If you want to know more, write me!! But if you email me a one-liner that doesn’t tell me anything about you, don’t expect a reply back. I will write volumes of emails back and forth to people, because I think it’s a great way to get to know someone. Your response will get you a picture or two so tell me about yourself: where you are from, where do you live now, your hobbies/interests/passions, what you do for a living, some of your dreams, do you have any pets, things you love to do in your spare time and anything else that is unique about you!

Whitney :) (
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