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Special Delicious going on Sunday night - Sept 2nd

Hiya Gals..I know this is really really last minute..Thought I'd let everyone know that there's a special Delicious going on This Sunday (yes I'll be there)...Delicious is promoted by Cream which is at the Cafe in the Castro District in San Francisco.

Here's two links with more info:

About the event this Sunday (see flyer below)

Or go here:

I'm going with a bunch of gals from a new group called Girls Love Fun...

Here's their link to their yahoo group -- please join if you're not already in it

Also -- feel free to comment or send me an IM if you'd like to meet up with me beforehand.. :)

EDIT: I will probably be there after 8 pm - if you have my number -- call me.  At 10 PM I'm going over to Harveys to meet up with some gals from the GLF group and will return to the Cafe after 10:30... Drink specials are only good from 8-10 PM!!!
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