TheCuteOne (thecuteone33) wrote in bayareabigirls,

I know last minute... :) -- Stuff going on tonight in SF

I plan to be in San Francisco tonight -- multiple events actually --

Writers with Drinks at the Make-Out Room...I will be there -- I've enclosed the information about the event within a LJ cut.  I will be meeting up with a friend before the event (have no idea where yet)

 It's at the Make-Out room in the Mission District -- 2nd Saturday of every month.  Mostly queer authors & performance artists -- if you want to know more about it -- here's their website --

Also -- charliegrrrl  the hostess of WWD has x-posted information on the event across different San Francisco communities in LiveJournal (not this one) -- here's one of the listings:

There's a Girls Love Fun event -- if you're interested in joining --

 This is at Club Eight off Folsom -- 1151 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA.  Some of the gals will be meeting at Mr. Smiths before 9 o'clock -- I probably won't be one of them since I'll be at WWD until 9 pm.

Please send me an email if you're thinking about going!! -- and I'll give you my cell phone # and all that stuff.

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I know this is stupid and I'm not from San Francisco, but could you (or anyone) tell me who the two women are in the middle of the colorbar in this community's userinfo? I know there was Margaret Cho, Angelina Jolie, Ani DiFranco (I think), and Eleanor Roosevelt, but who are the other two women? Not sure.