Ellie Mae (swayaway) wrote in bayareabigirls,
Ellie Mae

Hi everyone!

It has been over a year since I have posted in this community. I know, horrible mod/maintainer behaviour. At least we have Carrie!

Anyway, one or two of you may know that I just got out of a relationship with a 29 year old boy (that's right, BOY, not man). So, I am ready to mingle with some people. I know Delicious is happening this Saturday, or that is the assumption I am under. Unfortunately, I have family friends from England coming to stay, and am a bit unsure of what the girl my age will think if I suggest we go to girl's night at The Cafe. Plus, I have to be at work early in the morning.

But, my plan is to go out and meet some girls, even if it is just to have fun. I'm not ready to settle down, really. If anyone knows of any other events [preferably involving loud music, beer, and a good time], feel free to post info here!

My email is: ellmchale@hotmail.com (add me to MSN messenger, if you want).
And, I have yahoo messenger: ellmchale

Get in touch!

And, feel free to promote the community.
I'd love more gals to join!
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