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My Intro

Name: Leah
Age: 21
Relationship status: Taken
Bay Area Location: Sonoma
Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Band/Musician: Static-X, Deftones, and Led Zeppelin
Favourite Book: Hmm... Shattering Glass
Favourite Movie: Ever After, Original Sin, and A Walk to Remember
What do you do for fun?: Go to the local bar here in town and drink with friends. I do yoga to help my stress and smoke bug for pain. ;)

One thing you like in a woman: Honestly, her body, and big boobs. I've never really had a relationship with a woman. But I love looking at a woman's body. I would consdifer myself a man in that aspect...
One thing you like in a man: His personality
Which gender are you more attracted to?: Male
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