TheCuteOne (thecuteone33) wrote in bayareabigirls,

Bang4theBuck Party in SF April 25th

Hello gals...reclusive co-moderator here... :)

I just wanted to put it out there -- but Bang4theBuck's happening on Friday April 25th.

Well it's that time of the year ago - Bang4theBuck party's ON!! It's a womyn's fundraiser/charity event AND PLAY party on Friday April 25...Well it's actually two events -first one is an amateur strip-o-rama (best part about the entire thing) any volunteers that want to strip for charity and they give you free stripping lessons. What's great about it?? Well it's either really REALLY REALLY good or really bad, but for a good cause all proceeds go to AIDS/LifeCycle 7. They also raffle off great prizes, and the place GETS packed with 200 women!!!   The Second event is the Play party.

For more information please check out their website -

I plan to go with  a couple of gal friends of mine - I'm not organizing a "munch" for this event - but we may go out to dinner at that Chinese restaurant that's a couple of blocks from the Citadel -- if there's interest...let me know.. (comment) and we'll exchange contact information.

If you see me there -- say hi.. :)

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